2007_09_gitlogo.gifHey Gothamist - Do you guys know what's up with the yellow cabs that have flowers painted on their hoods?

Personally, I think they're pretty tacky- and so do a lot of people I know, but no one I've asked knows exactly why they've been painted.

Well dear reader, we wrote about the flower covered cabs last year, but since we're getting several e-mails a day about it, we're going to revisit the issue.

The project is called Garden in Transit and it's a mobile public art project to help "celebrate the 100th anniversary of New York's first traditional metered taxicab." The decals that decorate the cabs were painted by 23,000 children and adults from organizations around New York City. The waterproof decals are decorating thousands of cabs in the city.

Portraits of Hope, the organization behind Garden in Transit, was originally started as a creative therapy program for seriously ill and physically disabled children, but has expanded since then to include children and adults that participate through various organizations like schools and hospitals. The organization reports that 90% of participants in Garden in Transit are from NYC public schools, hospitals and youth programs.

The flower covered cabs will be on the streets through the end of the year.