2006_10_metsfan.jpgGothamist poses this question because a baby (okay, he can walk, but he still poops his diaper) Mets fan was heckled by a FULL GROWN Yankees fan yesterday. You heard that right: In Midtown, a guy said to the toddler in a Mets jacket, "Oh no, when you grow up, kid, you'll realize the Yankees are the real team. Mets suck!" Did this man target a child whose language skills aren't totally developed because he feared a nasty retort like, "Why isn't your team playing, asshole?" We think, if the Yankees fan really needed to say something, the better response would be, "I'm sorry for you, kid, for parents that make you wear that jacket."

Is there such a thing as age-appropriate heckling? Although, if you are made fun of by the little kids on your street and your pride is at stake, you can probably lob a, "I know you are but what am I!" before you run to a safe place.