2005_05_cowscoming.jpgIf, like Gothamist, you've seen those posters of squeezy toy cows around town, with the words "The Cows Are Coming May 12" and wondered, "Hey, why are the cows coming?" but then forgot about it because, well, you were running ten minutes late or are lazy and didn't want to Google it on your Treo or just wanted to have a Treo but don't and you forgot about Googling "The Cows are Coming May 12" when you got home. Adweek's blog, Adfreak has wondered about the cows enough for a commenter to suggest that Nestle's Coffee Mate is behind the promotion; apparently the MTA said that the ad space was for Coffee Mate, but now they aren't saying who is involved. One thing is for sure: It's not another Cow Parade.

If the cows are coming, New York City's parks need fertilizer, so head there...or simply avoid all the steakhouses in the city. And you, too, can have your own executive stress cow squeeze toy for $2.99.