Jason Giambi; Photo: AP/Bill Kostroun

Jason Giambi made his first public statements since grand jury testimony of his steroid use was leaked late last year. While Giambi said he was sorry that he let everyone down, there was no mention from him of steroids at all. There was no denial and no admission from Giambi with his statements, "I feel I let down the fans, I feel I let down the media, I feel I let down the Yankees, and not only the Yankees, but my teammates. I accept full responsibility for that, and I'm sorry." Giambi, on the advice of his lawyers and the warning of the United States attorney, did not talk about the BALCO case at all.

In his press conference, Giambi promised that he would work to rebuild his image and what he lost when the news broke, "The biggest thing is I understand how everybody feels - Little Leaguers to fans to everybody. I hope the message that the parents or even the kids understand is that, hey, this is a guy who's facing his problems, he's not running from them, and he's trying to overcome. And he's not quitting. I think that's what makes you a man." Perhaps not taking the steroids in the first place would have made him more of a man to begin with despite the big contract and notoriety.

The question is, will fans tell him to "stuff his sorry's in a sack" or will they love him again like they once did. We're sure many people will say no now, but what if he plays well? Does a sense of forgiveness start to creep into the picture?

Image by AP/Bill Kostroun via Newsday