Kurt Warner, Terrell Suggs, T.J. Slaughter; Photo: Bill Kostroun/AP

You never want it said that your team shines in garbage time, but, unfortunately for Giants fans, that�s about the only time where this team looks any good.
The Giants have been torched by every first unit they�ve played against so far this preseason and last night was no different. Baltimore did as they pleased on both sides of the ball on their way to a 24-3 halftime lead and a 27-17 victory over the Giants last night at a sparsely populated Giants Stadium.

The Giants� backups, oddly enough, seem to consistently outshine other teams� backups. Its about the only thing that�s been consistent this preseason. Bachelor quarterback Jesse Palmer threw yet another garbage time touchdown, this time to rookie Jamaar Taylor out of Texas A&M, and third-string running back Chris Douglas broke off a 26-yard touchdown run. Both plays came well after the game was decided.

Unfortunately for the Giants they will be going up against the Eagles� first string offense and defense next week when the season opens in Philadelphia.

Quarterback Controversy Update: Kurt Warner completed 7 of 9 passes for 79 yards, but threw a sideline pass to Amani Toomer that Chris McAlister jumped in front of and took all they way back for a touchdown that put Baltimore up 14-3. Eli Manning came in late in the second quarter and promptly fumbled the ball. He looked better later on completing 4 of 7 for 99 yards. The bottom line is that neither played great, but the Giants have bigger concerns than quarterback at this point.