Who-ho! Special suprise announcement for those of you who haven't left town yet: Gothamist Maps is finally live, and ready for a soft launch today! Goth Maps is a really fun and useful page-- our idea was to create a mashup that showed stuff that's going on right now in New York City. We figured it would compliment the news and events coverage that we already do. So far we have three data sources built into the page: Dodgeball (showing top venues from the last week, so you know the current hot-spots), Upcoming (Yahoo's amazing cooperative events listing), and reader-submitted listings (you can submit your own stuff just by clicking on the map-- try it! It's perfect for listing a party, a newsworthy occurance, an art opening, etc.) We're looking for more data-sources all the time, so if you have an idea for data we should include, let us know. Caveats: we're still polishing the page up, so expect some bugs, and give it a few seconds to load all the data-- there's a lot to queue up!

Huge thanks to the Gothamist Labs team who worked so hard to get this up. Way to go, Frank, Jeff, and Neil! We've already got these guys working on another cool project, so expect some neat stuff in a couple of weeks! And big thanks to Dens at Dodgeball and Andy at Upcoming! [Related: check out the Gothamist Contribute page, which was the first Gothamist Labs project-- it allows you to submit tips and links that we'll write up for you.]