How come anarchists have groups?
- Curious

2004_09_ask_anarchy.jpgNot only do anarchists have groups, they have websites, so Ask Gothamist was able to find this handy Anarchist FAQ at (“your online anarchist community”) which answers everything you’ve always wanted to know about anarchy. According to this FAQ, the anarchist movement interprets the term to mean “without authority” and anarchism can be understood as primarily a movement again authoritarian organization and hierachy. This doesn’t exclude the formation of groups; it’s just that anarchist groups strive to ensure that individuals’ voices are heard and that group members play a decisive role in running the groups. Anarchists are not opposed to organization, but are opposed to hierarchy, and distinguish between the two.

It’s difficult to sum up any political movement or ideal in a few short paragraphs, so if you’re really curious about anarchy, visit your local library (no capitalist buying of books necessary) or visit Infoshop news for the latest in anarchist news.