2006_09_sgiantseagles.gifIt’s a little early to put the “must win” label on a game, but it is appropriate here. If the Giants are going to be a playoff team, they cannot afford to lose this game and head to Seattle at 0-2.

Beating Philadelphia on the road will not be an easy task. While the offense doesn’t have the firepower it once did, Donte Stallworth and Reggie Brown are good receivers and Donovan McNabb looks healthy for the first time since 2004. The Colts converted 68% on third down last week and New York cannot allow that to happen again.

Expect the Giants to run the ball a lot. Last week it looked like the “Thunder and Lightning” backfield of 2000 with Tiki Barber and Brandon Jacobs piling up yards. New York will look to establish a physical tone to this game early on and then wear down the opposing defense.

It will be a tough game, but Gothamist thinks the Giants prevail 17-14.