2006_06_worldcup.jpgWith the 2006 World Cup only a day away, Gothamist thought it was about time to post about where you can watch it (of course, you may have to step away from the office for a bit). The list is by no means comprehensive as a lot of bars and restaurants are sure to show the world's most popular sporting event. A list of establishments that we came across in the extended entry. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

For those of you feeling patriotic, the United States team is going into the cup with an incredible ranking of 5 in this May's FIFA World Rankings. While that's actually down from #4 in April, it's an impressive number, ahead of nations like France, Argentina, England, and Italy. Of course, rankings matter little on the pitch. Last week before the team left for Germany, Gothamist talked to two members of the national team at Nike's 255 Studio in SoHo. We talked to Clint Dempsey and Oguchi Onyewu about how they expect the team to do, their take on Group E, and whether they have thought about starting in the tournament.

In the extended entry, you can read their answers and more about where you can watch the World Cup.

Clint Dempsey, who has actually started his own blog with video clips and promised updates from Germany, midfielder:
Gothamist: Are you ready for the World Cup?
Clint Dempsey: Yeah man, definitely ready. We've been training very hard, went to Cary [US MNT training camp in Cary, North Carolina] We've had two weeks of training, the majority in fitness and now we've been able to play. We had three games, 23rd, 26th, and 28th. We played Morocco, Venezuela and Latvia. It was good to put our bodies through that and put everyone thorough that. Anytime you do things that involve mental toughness, it brings the team together more. As far as fitness is concerned, we're ready. As far as confidence is concerned, we're ready. We just have to go out there and do what we gotta do and don't let the whole atmosphere get to us. Fortunately, we have a lot of veterans and they can let us know what's going on and be good leaders for us. So we're in good hands. We definitely have our cards dealt in front of us with the Czech Republic, Italy, and Ghana, but we're going to go out there and I think we can get the job done. Hopefully we can advance out of the group.

G'mist: Speaking of your group, do you think that it's actually the Group of Death in this World Cup?
CD: It's really hard to say whether it's the Group of Death or not, but I'll say yeah, it is. Look at the teams. The Czech Republic, Italy and ourselves are all ranked high. You can never count Ghana out either, but just looking at the rankings themselves and the success that all the teams have had leading up to this World Cup, you have to say that it's a very tough group. So why not? It easily could be the Group of Death.

G'mist: We know that lineups haven't been announced, but how do your chances are to start?
CD: I really don't know. I just want to get out there and prove myself. I haven't been in a World Cup before, so I don't know how the coaches go into it. If they want players that have been in those games or not. All I know is that when my name is called upon, I'm going to go out there and represent and do whatever I can to help this team be successful. My main objective is just staying focused, staying hungry - which is not going to be a problem on my part - and when I get that chance, whether as a starter or off the bench, I'm going to represent to the fullest.

Oguchi Onyewu, on the cover of Sports Illustrated's World Cup preview last week and SI's article says Gooch is "poised to become the US's breakout star," defender:
Gothamist: Are you ready for the World Cup?
Oguchi Onyewu: We have a really great team with a bunch of players that play overseas [Gooch plays for a team in Belgium] and in the MLS - I think our chances are as good as anybody else's. I think we're the kind of team that, if we're focused, and play to the best of our abilities, we can get good results. We're just going to have to wait until June 12th [Czech Republic], 17th [Italy], and 22nd [Ghana] to see what's going to happen.

G'mist: Do you think that it's actually the Group of Death in this World Cup?
OO: I think it's a difficult group, but I think all the groups are difficult. Because there's no easy game in the World Cup. The Czech Republic, Italy, and Ghana are going to be very, very good opponents. We definitely have to be on the top of our game in order to play well against them. But it's not impossible and it's possible as well.

G'mist: We know that lineups haven't been announced, but how do your chances are to start?
OO: I don't even think about that. It's not my job to think about the starting lineups. That's the coaches decision and nothing's been made yet. I think everybody's competing everyday in training to try and be on it.

And now, a brief list of locations (besides at home on ABC, ESPN, and ESPN 2) to watch your favorite team play:
Eight Mile Creek, 240 Mulberry St. - showing all the Australian games
Brendan's Bar and Grill, 42 W 35th St - all games on five screens, free admission
The Manchester Pub, 920 2nd Ave - all games
Fiddlesticks Pub, 56 Greenwich Ave - all games
Zum Schneider, 107 Ave C - all games, German games require a $15 ticket (sold out for the first game already). Tickets for the next game go on sale after each game.
Mercadito, 179 Avenue B - all games
Bohemian Hall, 29-19 24th Ave., Astoria - all games with bar and BBQ open
O'Neill's Irish Pub, 729 3rd Ave - all games, Irish breakfast served for the morning games
Nevada Smith's, 74 3rd Ave - it will surely be packed to the gills
The Red Lion, 151 Bleeker St
Iona, 1800 Grand St, Brooklyn
Floyd, NY, 131 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn

Also, the following from Time Out NY. There's a little note about each location as well, but you'll need to know your world flags if you want to know where you might find a like-minded fan:
Brass Monkey, 55 Little West 12th St
11th Street Bar, 510 E 11th St
L’Angolo, 108 W Houston St
Mr. Dennehy’s, 63 Carmine St
Novecento, 343 West Broadway
“Little Brazil”, W 46th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves
McCormack’s and Fitzgerald’s Pub, 365 Third Ave and 336 Third Ave
Kinsale Tavern, 1672 Third Ave
Opia, 130 E 57th
Henry Grattan’s, 8814 Third Ave at 88th St, Brooklyn
Sugarcane Restaurant, 238 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn
Breffni Inn Bar, 43-45 40th St, Sunnyside
D’Antigua, 84-16 Northern Blvd, Jackson Heights
The Starting Gate, 59-10 Woodside Ave, Woodside
Zum Stammtisch, 69-46 Myrtle Ave, Glendale

Finally, Thrillist also gives us a list by country. Like TONY, Thrillist tells us a little something about each bar and the crowd, but they are kind enough to use the actual names of the countries and not their flags:
Loreley, 7 Rivington St - Germany
Good World Bar & Grill, 3 Orchard St - Sweden
The Europa Club, 98-104 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn - Poland (a Gothamist favorite as it's right down the block...perhaps we'll pick up some Polish National Team gear)
Jolie Restaurant, 320 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn - France
La Nacional, 239 W 14th St - Spain
Scorpio Café & Restaurant, 3515 Broadway, Astoria - Croatia
Sunburnt Cow, 137 Ave C -Australia
Tonic Bar, 727 7th Ave - Netherlands
No. 28, 28 Carmine - Italy
Café Bar, 36th St & 34st Ave, Astoria - Serbia & Montenegro
Girl From Ipanema, 252 W 14th St - Brazil + Portugal
Mangoville, 187-30 Jamaica Ave, Hollis -Trinidad & Tobago
Blue & Gold Tavern, 79 E 7th St - Ukraine
Stout, 133 W 33rd St - USA
Le Dakar Restaurant, 285 Grand Ave, Brooklyn - Africa
Koliba, 31-11 23rd Ave, Astoria - Czech Republic
Les Enfants Terribles, 37 Canal St - Cote D'Ivoire

Obviously there will be a lot more places that are showing the games, but we hope this list will serve as a good starting point for all you football fans out there.