US Women's 800 Team; Photo: Vincent Laforet/NY Times

The oldest record in swimming fell last night, as the US women won the 800 meter freestyle relay. The old world record was set on August 18, 1987 by an East German team that may have been tainted. After the re-unification of Germany, it was revealed that there was rampant cheating and an emphasis on winning in East Germany.

The US women - Natalie Coughlin, Carly Piper, Dana Vollmer and Kaitlin Sandeno - finished in 7:53.42, more than two seconds ahead of the old record and defeated China by more than two and half seconds. Germany won the bronze medal.

If you're worried about doping on the US team, after the race Katlin Sandeno said, "We're tough chicks. We're clean as we can be."