Tom Glavine; Photo: Al Behrman/AP

In what has become the norm, Tom Glavine pitched a gem last night against Cincinati only to lose the game. Glavine allowed 2 runs and 7 hits over 6 innings. His major league leading ERA "jumped" to 2.16 from 2.11 because there was no support from the Mets offense. The Mets managed only 4 off the Reds in the 2-0 loss (box score). One hit ironically came from Glavine on an infield single. It seems almost formulaic for the Mets this season, if they lose, it's either by error or by lack of offense. On the plus side, they have the best team ERA in baseball.

Glavine is also trying hard to make the All-Star Game on July 13th, but his win-loss record may negate his impressive ERA. After the game, Glavine said, "I want to make the team. Believe me, after everything that went on last year I'd definitely like to make it and represent our organization. But I don't know what's going to happen. Let's see if my win-loss record hampers me." Each team is guaranteed one spot on the roster and, according to voting results, Mike Piazza is slated to be the starting catcher.

Seven times this season, Glavine has allwed two or fewer runs without getting a win. Glavine has a 2-3 record and a 1.86 ERA over his last seven starts. He was juggled in the rotation and did not face the Yankees last weekend and will not face them this weekend. The Mets are saving Glavine for games next week with the Phillies and Marlins, but with offensive support like this, it may not even matter.