2006_07_sallstarlogoi.jpgEvery year the All-Star game seems to get dumber and dumber. When they decided that home-field advantage for the World Series would be determined by the winner, it seemed like things had reached a low, until this year.

May we present your 2006 A.L. All-Stars. (Please hold the applause until the end of the column) What was that? You were wondering how Mike Mussina (9-3 3.17ERA) and Curt Schilling (10-2 3.54ERA) didn’t make it while Mark Redman (5-4 5.49) did? It’s simple, every team has to have a player in the game, and so Redman is the pride of Kansas City. What about that great kid in Minnesota, Liriano? You can certainly vote him in, but you have to pick him over the equally deserving, Justin Verlander.

On the National League side, you can cheer the choice of six Mets, but complain that LoDuca made it while Delgado didn’t. Nomar Garciappara is hitting .361 and somehow didn’t make the team while Andruw Jones got in for 18 home runs and a .275 average.

Despite the poor roster choices, the game benefits from being about the only sporting event on television next Tuesday night. So, will you watch it or take a night off from sports?