Alfonso Soriano; Photo: Reuters

When the Yankees made their blockbuster trade for Alex Rodriguez, they sent Alfonso Soriano to the Texas Rangers. It's often a fact that is overlooked in the aftermath of the deal, but don't cry for Soriano. He's on a winning team, hitting .306, with 5 home runs and 28 RBI. He's quite at home with the Rangers, missing only a few things, like rice and beans, which were widely available in New York. On a player-for-player level, you can't fault the Yankees for trading Soriano for Rodriguez, who is one of the best players in the game. Like Maverick in Top Gun, they saw an opportunity and they took it.

Soriano still follows the Yankees and talks with his old friends, Derek Jeter and Jose Contraras. He also revealed that he was married last July, but kept it private fearing the New York media. Despite the fact that Soriano has played well in Texas, a Rangers official told The Times that he isn't untouchable. One team rumored to have hopes of acquiring Soriano is the Mets, which would mean Soriano could have some rice and beans again.

The Yankees will face Soriano and the Rangers this weekend at The Ballpark in Arlington.