With no time to celebrate last week's upset over the Patriots, the Jets took the field Sunday against the NFC's best and spun their wheels. Their defense held the Bears' offense in check, but an impotent offense and questionable coaching decisions cost the Jets a shot at defending their home turf. At 5-5, the Jets are once again at .500. Looking for good news? Their schedule only gets easier from here.

After both teams failed to score in the first half -- just the second time this season it's happened in the NFL -- the Jets tried to surprise the Bears with an onside kick to start the second. Chicago recovered and broke the ice with a field goal minutes later, and a touchdown on the first play of the fourth quarter gave them their winning margin.

Second-guessers will have a field day with Head Coach Eric Mangini's decision to try the onside kick, and first-guessers can ask why, with under six minutes to play and a fourth-and-12 from the Bears' 37, the Jets elected to punt. But even if the Jets hadn't handed the the Bears three points or punted late in the game, they still saw their offense outclassed by Chicago's defense. Chad Pennington felt the pressure, his ground game couldn't get going, and turnovers cost the Jets. The game started to turn with the Bears' cashing in of the Jets failed onside kick, but it was Pennington's interception on the ensuing drive that cost his team a chance to get back in the game.

Photograph of Bears running back Mark Bradley outrunning the Jets' Shaun Ellis and Bobby Hamilton in as he completes 57-yard touchdown by Bill Kostroun/AP