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What are other advice columnists up to lately?

Dear Prudence - Slate's advice columnist (and daughter of the late Ann Landers) doles out advice about sex, sex, sex, and in-laws.

Dear Abby- Good ol' Abby addresses fireworks safety and teen romantic angst. FYI, the current "Dear Abby" is actually the daughter of the previous "Abby."

Since you Asked - Salon.com has an advice column, too. Recent entries address questions from a bridesmaid with a dilemma, a woman who hates her suburban life, a man who wants to respond civilly to right-wingers even though he disagrees with them, and a woman whose husband is contacting his old flames.

NY Post.com's Ask A Vet - The vet gives advice about the healing power of pets and organic food for pets.

Village Voice's Savage Love - Dan Savage gives advice on May-December romances, and ways NOT to explore electrical stimulation.