U.S. Open; Image: USGA

Weekends are great, but Gothamist too often has the tendency to turn on the TV and be sucked into a spiral of six hours of TLC. In case any of you are the same way, we have some suggestions from our friends:
- Watch the Buick Open at the Westchester Country Club, a tune-up for the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills and marvel at the logo (there must be a Steve Martin joke in there somewhere); more coverage at Gothamist Sports;
- Educate yourself about the weather - we just did on Bermuda Highs
- See some music via Coolfer's music picks or check out other goings on at Gothamist Events
- And, to plan ahead, Mindy told us about a free screening on Monday night for the film, Seducing Doctor Lewis. It won an audience award at Sundance last year and was also at Cannes. The film sort of sounds like Northern Exposure, but set in Canada, with a village trying to convince a doctor to stay in their sleepy fishing town, and that might not be such a bad thing. More information on how to RSVP for the screening, click below "Continue reading..."

6:45pm and 8:45pm

RSVP to: cinemaintern@wellspring.com - please specify 6:45pm or 8:45pm

This invitation is good for you and a guest. First come, first served. Admission not guaranteed. Names will be at the door. Arrive early for best seats.

In the harbor village of St-Marie-La-Mauderne, the vanishing fish stocks have led a once thriving community into decline, forcing the fishermen to rely on government welfare. When a small company considers building a factory on the island, the inhabitants see an opportunity for the village to be restored to greatness. But the factory cannot be built without a resident doctor. And thus the seduction of the young Doctor Lewis begins, as the entire village works to convince a big-city, cosmopolitan doctor that this isolated village is the ideal place to live. Reminiscent of Britain’s glorious Ealing comedies, Jean-François Pouliot's beguiling and sophisticated debut feature proves that with pluck and imagination, anything can be made irresistible.