I have a day job in tech work, but I'd like to pursue acting classes on the side. Are there NYC-based drama/theatre schools that offer evening workshops or classes that I can enroll in? I've contacted some colleges, but their classes are all daytimes.

Erin, Murray Hill

It's always a good idea to balance work life with some artistic endeavors (and perhaps you can even lend your tech skills to some stage sets in town!). First, decide whether you'd like to start out with stage or screen-type acting. This will help you choose the best program. For stage work, you can try TVI Actors' Studios. They're a very professional school that welcomes amateurs and more experienced actors alike. For screen work, try the School for Film and Television, which offers a vast array of classes in on-camera work. Both these schools are large and fairly well-known, and their professionals can help direct you to other programs/schools should these not be for you. Anywhere you go, because you're in NYC, you'll have to pay, and it's not cheap. Beware those ads posted by 'private acting coaches' who offer expensive private sessions--often they don't have the helpful affiliations that the larger schools do, and they can rip you off.