Tim Carter catching a touchdown against Washington/NY POST

So what have we at Gothamist learned this week? Other than the red head from Sex in the City has a girlfriend?

First off, we know the Browns are banged up, with Kellen Winslow and Courtney Brown not playing, but the big story is � drumroll please � the Giants offense stinks. Seven turnovers should certainly get you more than 20 points, but we know that wasn't the case against the Skins. Now the troops are getting restless. Tight end Jeremy Shockey mouthed off on Wednesday that he feels he�s being misused and then yesterday Amani Toomer chimed in that he's unhappy with his role.

So much drama. So of course Tom Coughlin weighs in in typically non-enlightening fashion and then Shockey gives the old, "its not you, it's me" routine.

Maybe the problem is that these guys are jealous of Tim Carter, who's tearing it up as the Giants' leading receiver and is fast becoming Kurt Warner's favorite target. Oh yeah, he's also related to about a dozen pro athletes including the Iron Shef and Dr. K.

A lot of stupid news this week. Anyway, with trips to Green Bay and Dallas leading up to the bye week, we at Gothamist feel like this is a game the Giants need to have and that Big Blue will likely take care of business. But if you've been reading our Giants entries you know that our predictions aren't worth much.

Also in case you're curious, here's the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Giants Scouting Report. We go the extra mile for you, because we care.