The Yankees beat Tampa Bay 6-2 Monday Night, but that was only a prelude to the real story; the complete shake up of the current team. Reliever, Steve Karsay, was designated for assignment and Bernie Williams has been made a designated hitter because of a sore elbow. Second baseman, Tony Womack will now be the new leftfielder with Hideki Matsui taking over in center and rookie, Robinson Cano, will now start at second. Last, but not least, Randy Johnson will miss his start on Wednesday.

Everyone who follows the Yankees could see that a shakeup was coming. The team looked lifeless for most of the season and Bernie Williams could simply not throw the baseball anymore, but this is a bigger shakeup than anyone foresaw. Moving Womack to left is a huge gamble, as he has never played there. Matsui in center should be an improvement, but his arm is nothing to write home about. Getting rid of Karsay is a case of addition by subtraction, but the Yankees still have too many relievers. One can only assume that General Manager, Brian Cashman, surveyed the trade market and didn’t find anything to his liking, so he employed the Yankees’ greatest weapon, money.

The Yankees are now spending twenty-six million dollars on their designated hitter spot (Giambi and Williams) and paying Steve Karsay six million to play somewhere else. No one knows how far they will go to improve this team, but this should send a message to Felix Rodriguez (3 million), Paul Quantrill (3 million) and Mike Stanton (4 million) that they had better improve or else.

Photo by AP/Ed Betz via Yahoo