2006_03_sdolan.jpgDon’t expect things to get better for the Knicks anytime soon. Yesterday, Jim Dolan told the Knicks that changes won’t be made in the front office. So, Isiah Thomas will remain as GM and get the chance to bury the Knicks into a deeper hole this summer.

How Dolan can support Thomas at this point is mystifying. Isiah took a bad salary cap situation and made it much, much worse. The Knicks will finish the season with a payroll roughly equivalent to what the Mets will pay their 25-man roster. They have traded away their first round pick this year and Chicago has the option to swap picks with them in 2007. He has traded for players who are considered pariahs throughout the NBA. How much more evidence do you need to get rid of him?

And while we are at it, let’s not excuse the coach from any blame. Larry Brown is getting $10 million a year to turn this team into contenders. Instead he is sniping at his players through the press, refusing to settle on a rotation and alienating many within the organization. An inept GM, an incompetent owner and an irritable coach all add up to a bleak future for the Knicks.

Photo by AP via Newsday