2007_09_acrod.jpgPlayoffs? That might be boring compared to the new news Alex Rodriguez gets to enjoy - he and his wife Cynthia are expecting a baby. The couple, who already have a 2-year-old daughter, told People.com, “We realize what a special gift children are, and feel very blessed to welcome our second child."

Cynthia, aka C-Rod, added that she feels great and plans on finding out the sex of the baby, "We're just real excited. "It's almost more exciting [than the first child] in a way, because you can anticipate what you already know is so amazing. We're thrilled. We can't wait."

The Rodriguezes have been in the eye of the gossip media ever since the Post published a photograph of A-Rod and a buxom blond stripper on its cover in May. In July, C-Rod wore a tank top to Yankee Stadium that said "F--- You." More recently, they've been seen canoodling at the U.S. Open and looking at homes on the Upper East Side (though their broker says they are not buying).

Yankees fans probably hope that the good news will inspire A-Rod during the playoffs.