2005_11_arod.jpgSure, Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez is tryin' make a livin and doin’ the best he can, but should he be allowed to play poker at illegal poker clubs? The Daily News has an exclusive about the Yankees' and Major League Baseball's headache with the prettiest Yankee (Jeter lovers - bring it on!) Yankee's fondness for playing poker at poker clubs around town. Of course, the Yankees and MLB only found out when the Daily News reported A Rod went to one of these clubs. The Yankee organization has already had a chat with Rodriguez, to make him "aware that this could put him in an unflattering light or look bad in the media," but since he's not really breaking the law (the illegalities start to come in if the clubs take a cut of winnings), they can't do anything about it. But, still, Rodriguez is really stupid to do this - he has to figure that as the Yankees' best player, he's a role model. Perhaps this is what happens when you see totally adjusted and not squiring hoochie actresses around town, but what A Rod he gets a really bad playing card paper cut on his finger - those really hurt and take forever to heal - we're screwed! Maybe his sadness about missing the World Series is being drowned out by seeing the World Series of Poker on TV.