2007_05_strayrod.JPGSure, the Yankees have lost their fifth game in a row and are 14.5 games behind the Red Sox, but know what's more interesting: Alex Rodriguez's off-the-field activities in Toronto! The Post puts A-Rod on cover, calling him "Stray-Rod," and wondering why he was hanging out with a "mysterious, busty blonde" at a strip club AND his hotel. Apparently he went to the strip club with two other guys, but he was seen going into the Four Seasons elevator with only the woman.

TMZ.com adds fuel to the fire by saying this was the "SAME blonde" he was with "in Las Vegas two weekends ago!" What will C-Rod, aka wife Cynthia, think? She's quite the blonde looker herself. Then again, these kinds of rumors are nothing new.

Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio were talking about the Post cover, discussing the insanity that A-Rod's social life is the news. The Journal News' Yankees beat writer Peter Abraham wrote on his Yankees blog, "As for the Alex Rodriguez story in the Post today, I don’t really have an opinion. My job is to cover a baseball team. What these guys do outside of baseball is their business as far as I am concerned. You hear plenty of rumors when you cover a team and usually they are just that, rumors. If it becomes a distraction to Alex, then it concerns baseball fans. Otherwise it’s just celebrity gossip."

Here's A-Rod and C-Rod's interview with Matt Lauer from a few years ago. And the Post does love to poke fun at him.