The New York International Auto Show opened its Javits Center doors to the press today. While lots of car manufacturers were showing off more environmentally friendly models, one activist group made its distrust of Toyota's claims known.

Freedom From Oil had members scale the interior walls of the Javits to hang a sign spoofing the Toyota ad campaign. It reads: "The Truck That's Changing It All The Climate" and "Toyota: not an environmental leader."


A statement from the co-director of the Freedom from Oil campaign for Rainforest Action Network, Sarah Connolly, says, "Building Priuses does not give Toyota license to mass-produce the Tundra. If Toyota really believed in curbing global warming, why did they argue with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers in the Supreme Court that CO2 is not a pollutant and that the EPA should not have the right to help regulate greenhouse gas emissions?”

The activists were harnessed in and refused to come down, so the NYPD needed to get a cherry picker to take them down. We hear they were arrested and later released. More photos after the jump - the sign seems to have been taken into NY State Police custody!


Photographs by Tien Mao