2007_03_sbosssnack.jpgWhile divorce these days is all too common, divorce papers filed by Jennifer Swindal on Tuesday in Hillsborough County Circuit Court involve a less than common family. Jennifer Swindal, the daughter of Yankees principal owner George Steinbrenner, cited irreconcilable differences when she filed for divorce from Steve Swindal after 23 years of marriage. Is the reason truly irreconcilable differences, or are Steve Swindal's February 15th arrest for driving under the influence and The Boss' incessant meddling the real reasons for the divorce? Steve Swindal has pleaded not guilty in his D.U.I. case.

While his drunk driving case is still to be decided, Swindal's future with the Yankees doesn't look so good. The Times talked to a source who said Steve Swindal will no longer be with the Yankees after the divorce is complete, "According to an individual with direct knowledge of the matter, Steinbrenner no longer plans to promote him, and he would seem to have no future with the team." And this is the man that was once the Steinbrenner anointed heir to the Yankees throne.

With The Boss previously stating that control of the Yankees will remain within the family, the question now is, who will be leading the team after Steinbrenner is out of the picture? Newsday looks at the three family members that Steinbrenner has to choose from - Hank Steinbrenner, Hal Steinbrenner, and son-in-law Felix Lopez. While Felix Lopez seems like the strongest candidate, will The Boss entrust the team in yet another son-in-law?

Note to Steve Swindal: Joe Malloy, one of Steinbrenner's former son-in-laws, is now an assistant middle school principal. He was a general partner with the Yankees before his divorce with another Steinbrenner daughter.

Photo of George Steinbrenner snacking at a spring training game Wednesday by AP/Kathy Willens