2006_04_smetslogo.jpgNobody, including Gothamist, thought the Mets wouldn't come back to Earth a little after their hot start. Yet the Mets probably hope they could have gotten off to a better start on this West Coast trip. They've lost three of five including last night's 6-2 loss at San Francisco. Tom Glavine pitched well in the middle innings but gave up a three-run homer to Moises Alou in the first inning and three more in the seventh. The Mets' offense didn't have a baserunner until Kaz Matsui singled in the sixth.

Gothamist wishes the Mets would rethink the popular way of dealing with Giants' star Barry Bonds. FIve of the Giants' runs came on two hits (three-run homer, two-run single) by Moises Alou that immediately followed Bonds walks. Even when he was in his prime, Bonds and his Giants benefitted from being walked instead of being pitched to. By putting more runners on base, the Mets allowed the Giants a chance to score more runs. Bonds is hitting just .222 and his slugging average is a subpar .397. Jose Reyes watch: 1 for 4, he's hitting .232 with a .276 on base percentage.