2005_12_scarterknicks.jpgPerhaps we're being a little dramatic, but recently whenever the Nets and Knicks play, Gothamist wonders if the two teams are playing for the hearts of New York basketball fans. Sure, most New Yorkers are probably Knicks fans, but with the way the Knicks have been managed, will some fans change allegiances once the Nets come to Brooklyn? Then again, Nets ownership has made plenty of its own enemies in New Jersey and in Brooklyn.

Last night in their first meeting of the season, the Nets defeated the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, 109-101, but the Nets led by as many as 21 points. Vince Carter led the Nets with 27 points and was 15 for 17 on free throw attempts. Stephon Marburry had 21 for the Knicks, who had three players off the bench with double-digit scoring including 21 from Nate Robinson.

Despite claiming to have settled on a starting five, Larry Brown continued to give all 12 of his players substantial playing time. We can't think of many teams that play all 12 player so often unless they're in garbage time, so why do the Knicks? Oh wait, we forgot that whenever the Knicks step on the court, it is garbage time.

Photo by AP/Kathy Willens via ESPN