2007_05_bloombergspitz.jpgWe love scurrilous political gossip! The NY Post's Fred Dicker says that Mayor Bloomberg wants to run for Governor in 2010! For some reason, Mayor Mike thinks that Albany might be his kind of town. A "senior" Republican source spills the beans:

"On two occasions in recent weeks, the mayor brought up the possibility of running for governor, of running against Spitzer in 2010.

"He's saying he can do for the state what he did for the city - bring professional management and not politics," said the Republican, who demanded anonymity.

"He's saying he knows that the presidency is most likely beyond his grasp.

"The bottom line is that he loves public service and doesn't want to leave it when his term as mayor is up."

Intriguing, and that sort of fits with the profile of the do-good-for-the-city mayor, who has claimed that he wants to dedicate his post-mayoral time to philanthropy. Of course, we love the other stuff the source said, "Mike Bloomberg doesn't like Spitzer. He thinks he's spoiled and an arrogant f--- who wants to run the City of New York...Bloomberg thinks that Spitzer is going to use his office to run for president down the road, and that that's what he's really focusing on." Hmm, one arrogant rich guy vs. another? That's a gubernatorial race we'd like to see.

Spitzer poked fun at his Steamroller image during the Legislative Correspondents Association Dinner over the weekend - check out this video. And he has just distributed a "statement of support" outlining, as the Sun puts it, "a legal and moral argument" to recognize same-sex marriages.

Update: Mayor Bloomberg told reporters the story about him running for Governor is "totally made up" and even said he called Spitzer to assure him he wasn't running. Damn you, Mayor B - why must you ruin the fun of scurrilous gossip? It's all we have!