Beware if you're walking anywhere near Radio City Music Hall Saturday, because the streets are crowded with excited NFL fans awaiting the 2006 Draft. And the drama for tomorrow morning: The Houston Texans are not going to pick Heisman Trophy-winning running back Reggie Bush as the number 1 pick, opting to sign defensive end Mario Williams instead. It's all about the combine! Which has now set a frenzy for the number 2 selection slot - and the NY Jets, who have the number 4 pick, are in the hunt to move up and sign Bush. Of course, the team that does have the number 2 pick, the New Orleans Saints, say they are happy to sign Bush: In other words, if any other team wants him, they'll have to pay up. The pros of signing Bush for the Jets: Curtis Martin is getting old and has a year or so left of playing; also, Bush is an exceptional talent. The cons: Giving up additional pick(s), when they need them - the Jets need to fill holes on both sides of the line.

Columnists from the Post and Daily News really want the Jets to sign Bush. Some draft day links: ESPN's 2006 NFL Draft Index, NFL.com and NY Jets.

Photograph of D'Brickshaw Ferguson, Vernon Davis, Vince Young, Mario Williams, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush on the Radio City Music Hall marquee from the AP