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We caught up with Saheli Kar, a CUNY SPS graduate, and talked about about how the online program for the MS in Data Science is designed to fit the hectic, multifaceted life of folks like us in New York City. [sponsor]

Target is collaborating with people across the country who are driving change in their own communities. Join host Ngofeen Mputubwele (lawyer, journalist, advocate) as he meets the people who are defining a better future for us all. [sponsor]

A dating app with no picture, no age, and no name required? [sponsor]

Blue Apron is constantly expanding your culinary expertise with new dinner options. Sign up now and save $50 over your first two boxes.

A response to the traffic conspiracy claims, the longest Uber ride in history, what are Drake and JLo up to and more day's end links.

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There are over 35 beaches to discover on the tiny island.

The river is deep and fast (and cold!), the waves are huge, and the views are unforgettable.

Whiskey lovers, are you tired of winery-hopping? These area distilleries are inviting you to swing by.

Here's our shortlist of practical, quirky, ingenious, and occasionally ridiculous travel products for the guy or gal on the go.

One question to ask, "If the inn's been operating for a while: when was its last renovation?"

Did you know there's a Dutchess County castle made with 80% recyclable materials?

It's got a rough-and-ready appeal, like maybe Hell's Kitchen before the Irish got pushed out, and some of the city's coolest sights are tucked away there.

There's been an effort to inject fresh urban cool into seedy "old Vegas".

It's a down-to-earth destination, where you're more likely to find locals having tea, shopping for groceries or hanging out with friends.

Since we had many meals to anticipate, we made mofongo our mission.

As consumers are drinking more and becoming more sophisticated about wine, airborne sommeliers are pulling out all the stops to make things interesting.

From the Petronas towers to beautiful mosques, Kuala Lumpur is a frenzied, stimulating city.