011408zagat.jpgTim and Nina Zagat, whose eponymous ratings guide started in 1979 as a two-page typed list of New York restaurants, are putting their baby on the market. Insiders peg the company’s worth at $200 million; the Times thinks the brand will prove attractive to companies like AT&T, who could use it to build exclusive mobile phone content.

Sources tell the Times that the Zagats would like to see their “fabulous brand” expand further beyond what an independent company can manage. And after churning out the guides for almost three decades, retiring with a nice multi-million nest egg probably doesn’t sound bad either.

Zagat stats for prospective buyers:

  • The Zagats began publishing the guide themselves, personally delivering copies to bookstores.
  • Last year they sold 5.5 million guides
  • Their website has 1.5 million paying registered users.
  • There’s a Zagat guide to the rides at Disney World.
  • Tim Zagat weighs in at about 250 lbs.

Photo of Tim and Nina Zagat via Jaunted.