Nobody really wants to admit to liking "fast food," be it the classiest Panera Bread or the lowliest Burger King. But in their 2010 Fast Food Survey, Zagat has the courage to announce the best tasting meals in the combo-menu lot. And there are a few surprises, including In-N-Out's fall from glory.

Zagat Survey CEO Tim Zagat said on the Today Show, "I think the headline is Five Guys," who won for best fast food burger. Last year's winner In-N-Out came in second, and Mickey D's a distant fifth. Zagat said the Five Guys win “was a big surprise to me, because I've never yet eaten a Five Guys burger." McDonald's did win for best fries, best breakfast and best value menu, while Starbucks beat out Dunkin' Donuts for best coffee. But the prize went to Wendy's, winning for best overall food from a "Mega-Chain" (over 5,000 locations).

For "full-service" chains, Red Robin served the best burger, and Cheesecake Factory served both the best salads and desserts. And IHOP won for best coffee, beating out places like the Waffle House, Denny's and Cracker Barrel. Unfortunately most New Yorkers won't be able to conduct personal taste tests, as half the chains require an out-of-city trip. We're betting next year the Fried Cheese Melt wins for something. Best vegetarian sandwich perhaps?