It's hard to underestimate the importance of alcohol: it boosts your energy, it boosts your productivity, and it inspires great art. Which is just a few reasons why the NY Post's report today claiming that many bars around the city have taken to switching your booze for cheaper brands is so distressing.

The Post says that the State Liquor Authority has busted at least 25 establishments citywide for “refilling” liquor bottles. “The consumer is getting ripped off, but he’s just getting less alcohol than what he’s paying for,” an agency insider said, adding that the SLA doesn't always know whether drinks are being watered down, or if they're being replaced with cheaper substitutes. It's a good thing most people can't tell the difference between good booze and cheap booze!

Among the 25 places that were caught and fined are The Underground Lounge (a former manager admitted refilling bottles), The Patriot Saloon (they served “Patriot” beer that was just Blue Moon), and College Green Pub (the manager told an inspector “he had to refill because all the other bars were doing it”). So while all this may make you increasingly paranoid about the quality of your liquor, you can also use this as an excuse to dive into the world of mixology—we know a great recipe sour power moonshine.