Given the space constraints many New Yorkers feel in relation to their apartment, it's natural that some might think of their local restaurant or bar as an extension of their apartment. That's even easier when that restaurant actually looks like someone's apartment—albeit someone richer and way cooler. Restaurateur Gabriel Stulman closed his Italian spot Perla to open this new concept, Fairfax, aiming for the "all-day" idea that's gaining traction in the restaurant industry.

The idea is to attract people at different times of the day—by offering breakfast, lunch and dinner—but also entice them to stay and hang out (while ordering food and drinks, ideally) for longer than the average meal.

He'll attempt this with a freeform dining room with nooks outfitted in an eclectic selection of furniture that includes a big leather couch, mid-century modern chairs, throw rugs of varying patterns, and coffee tables. Knickknacks abound, as do books and plants—peep that giant cactus! The bar area's the most structured in the space, with some more traditional seating. In the morning that's the spot for picking out pastries; in the evening, maybe a glass of orange wine.

The day could start with Avocado Toast ($10) with baba ganoush and za'atar seasonings or a Half Watermelon ($8) seasoned with aleppo pepper, lime and cilantro. Then transition to Steak Tartare ($16) with berbere spice, capers and potato chips or Spaghetti ($18) tossed with sungold tomatoes, tarragon and mozzarella.

234 West 4th Street, 212-933-1824;

Fairfax Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd