It's time to start fortifying for winter and a great place to start would be this giant plate of meat, potatoes and sauerkraut. The Tour de France restaurant group (Cafe D'Alsace, French Roast, L'Express, etc) are currently celebrating Choucroute Garnie Week, dedicated to the rustic French dish that's a classic staple of the wintertime season.

The hearty dish ($48 for two people) includes a gut-busting collection of meats, from knockwurst and bockwurst to smoked sausage and braised bacon, plus smoked pork loin and braised pork ribs. The epic pork fest comes served atop a heap of sauerkraut that have been braised in riesling wine with onion, juniper and some smoked ham hocks for good measure. Even though it doesn't need more heft, boiled potatoes are also included on the side.

Though traditionally a celebration of all things pork, Tour de France is also offering a Duck Choucroute ($25), with smoked duck sausage, duck leg confit and sliced duck breast (plus the potatoes and sauerkraut). Non-meat eaters can opt for the Seafood Choucroute ($21), made with monkfish, shrimp, mussels and seafood sausage served over wine braised savoy cabbage in a decadent lobster sauce.

If stomach capacity is at a premium, all nine participating restaurants are also offering a la carte sausages, served simply with sauerkraut and three types of mustard (Dijon, horseradish and house-made) or as part of a Sausage Tasting ($17) with braised bacon, potatoes, kraut and mustard. Also on the menu, special Rieslings and biodynamic wines, plus a selection of German beers to close out Stateside Oktoberfest. Specials run through Thursday, October 23rd.