You've been dating this great guy for awhile now. He's rich, he's well-dressed and he's only balding a little bit. What a catch! Your first date was at Blue Fin in Midtown (you had the prawns) and your second was at The Palm, also in Midtown. But then your third date was Blue Fin again, and when it came time for a fourth date you were like "Baby, I read about this adorable little wine bar in the East Village, why don't we try it?" and he was like, "I really prefer to stay in Midtown, the ambiance is so much better."

There exist only two possible explanations for such bewildering eating habits: A) He's from New Jersey or B) He's married. (And possibly even both, in which case you really know how to pick 'em!) According to statistics collected from married-people-dating-website, cheaters favor locations that are easily accessible and sufficiently upscale, but not so romantic that they can't be passed off as business functions, the Post reports. “You can put it on your credit card and not worry about your partner seeing that you went somewhere romantic like Per Se,” the site's CEO Noel Biderman, told the paper.

A survey conducted among 4,852 of the site’s users found that 314 people regularly head to Blue Fin, 298 frequent Morton’s The Steakhouse and 252 prefer Italian eatery Cipriani. And if he obstinately refuses to go anywhere near Park Slope, you know you've got a winner.