Since the frat-tastic Superdive sank, getting a chance to pour your own beer in the city required having your own keg—we thought. Then we were helpfully reminded that Park Avenue Tavern boasts five tables with their own taps in its basement Barrel Room...taps which you can pour to your hearts content. Just forget about buybacks from the bartender.

And don't expect to overfill your pint, the whole thing is computer operated so that Park Avenue Tavern knows exactly how much brew you've poured (it even stops pouring for you). Generally two of the three taps feature popular beers like Bud Light, Stella, Goose Island and Guinness—because who doesn't want to try pouring a Guinness?—but give the team time and they say they'll source any keg of beer in the country for your party. Just make sure you reserve a table.

Similar self-serve operations have been popping up around the country so don't be surprised to hear more about these systems as bars, like everyone else, look to save a buck or two. In the meantime, has anybody given these tables a try?

99 Park Avenue // 212-867-4484