There are many deserving and worthwhile campaigns that have begged for your money on Kickstarter, and then there's this one, which purports that NYC's egg sandwiches need "saving." Meet Joseph Checkler, a dude in Brooklyn who'd like to tell workers making breakfast sandwiches in Midtown all the things they're doing wrong. But, he'll need your money to do it!

"I will save the adequate-but-underachieving NYC egg sandwich," declares Checkler on his campaign page, which has been picked up by media outlets including the NY Times. And how will he accomplish this goal? By "delivering instructional leaflets to all Midtown egg-sandwich makers." Nothing like a quality leafleting campaign to rally the troops!

We should know better than to get enraged by annoying campaigns like this but Checkler's egg-ifesto really grinds our gears. The deli egg sandwich doesn't need to be fussed with; moreover, overworked deli guys manning the flattop don't need to be fussed with either. Real New Yorkers are fine with breakfast sandwiches the way they are because predictability is the most beautiful thing about a bodega bacon, egg and cheese. We can get artisanal, highfalutin breakfast sandwiches if we want to, but when you're hungover and need to put carbs, protein and grease into your body as fast as possible, nobody's going to be upset that the egg wasn't placed on the roll cheese side up.

But Checkler's efforts have already netted him profits exceeding his $310 goal, so what the hell do we know?