In season four, the brilliant Better Call Saul remains the best show on TV about decent men who make devastating-but-understandable moral compromises as they find themselves inexorably pulled toward an inevitable destination. But the show isn't just about tragic fraternal grudges and the ins-and-outs of elderly law—it's also an origin story about really good chicken.

Over the course of the last couple seasons, Better Call Saul has slowly woven in the story of classic Breaking Bad villain Gustavo Fring, purveyor of the best chicken tenders in the ABQ, Los Pollos Hermanos. And to celebrate the return of the show, AMC and Postmates have teamed up to deliver meals from Los Pollos Hermanos to fans around NYC and LA this week. For FREE. (Last year they did this via pop-up restaurants.)

On August 21st and 22nd, fans can order a special mini-meal of fried chicken and curly fries via the Postmaters app, delivered for free (while supplies last), starting at noon each day. Most importantly, it's delivered in real Los Pollos Hermanos-branded packaging. To order, all you have to do is visit or download the Postmates app (check out more details here).

And if you really enjoy it, you might even be inspired to get a tattoo...