Now that calling someone on a telephone to have your dinner delivered at home seems as antiquated as making dinner yourself, it seems only natural that you can get a gourmet meal dispatched to you while lounging on a K-Mart towel in Sheep's Meadow. Tomorrow, is launching its first "personal picnic delivery service," which will deliver meals, special picnic packages and beer to Central Park-goers. Yay, the skunks get more snacks!

This isn't exactly a new phenomenon—you can use Seamless to order food in Central Park, provided you give an exact address. But is presumably taking the slothfulness to the next level, delivering to any spot in the park, provided it is located between 66th and 86th Street and is west of the Loeb Boat House. Though initially we hoped would have its couriers pinpoint your exact location in the park via a permanent tracking device, lurking behind that weird-smelling bush near Strawberry Fields and watching your every move, it seems they simply have a delivery person contact you and plan a meeting spot.

The site, which hopes to expand the service to other NYC parks in the future, will offer basic dishes like breakfast egg sandwiches, bagels, pizzas and deli sandwiches for delivery, along with special packages like the "Vitamin G(rease)", which comes with a hangover-ready bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, a coffee, an orange Gatorade and a pack of Advil. There's also the all-encompassing "Made in the Shade" package—which comes with a large salad, a portobello mushroom quesadilla, a giant cookie, two Aloha Berry smoothies, two triple berry smoothies and a large fruit salad—and a few other picnic-worthy packages.

And hey, there's beer! Try to be a little stealth while drinking that Heineken in the park.