Neil deGrasse Tyson is many things: an astrophysicist, an accomplished dancer, the Manhattanhenge Wizard and a noted debunker of Oscar-nominated films. But he is also a purveyor of creative alcoholic endeavors, and in celebration of his fine palate and astronomical awesomeness, a Brooklyn bar has crafted a special drink just for him.

Pacific Standard, a beer bar in Park Slope, created the "Neil deGrasserac Tyson" in honor of the country's Sexiest Astrophysicist on Saturday, after Tyson gave them a shout out while hosting the annual Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate at the American Museum of Natural History last week. Pacific Standard was one of the bars tapped to take part in the Regulus "star blink" viewing held by Astronomy On Tap last Thursday. "Mr. DeGrasse Tyson heard about it, and mentioned us and said the people should come to Pacific Standard," bar co-owner Jonathan Stan told us. "We were really excited about it and wanted to honor him by naming a drink after him."

And so they did. One of Pacific Standard's bartenders came up with the $10 cocktail, which is a twist on the classic Sazerac—bourbon, Pernod, bitters, lemon peel and star anise. Sadly, deGrasse Tyson has not yet had a chance to sample this star creation, though the bar Tweeted at him and tagged him on Facebook, and our own attempt to contact him via Twitter yielded no response. Hopefully NDT will take some time off from unpacking human vs. animal behavior to swing by Park Slope, but until then booze enthusiasts will have to be content with this video of deGrasse Tyson inventing a robot cocktail.