Getting a seat at The Spotted Pig takes a certain resilience and willingness to wait in a teensy space for an eternity. Though the West Village gastropub serves up some mind-blowing food, its 'no reservations' policy means it's always, always mobbed. But for a brief window of time, you'll be able to enjoy chargrilled Roquefort burgers and shoestring fries without clawing someone else's eyes out for a table—the restaurant will be offering reservations for two weeks at the end of this month.

The brief respite from reservation-less territory is in honor of the restaurant's 10-year anniversary, and a select number of tables will be available for reservations on the restaurant's first and second floors. Starting this Monday, you can reserve a table through Open Table on The Spotted Pig's website. Tables will be released daily at 8am that you can reserve for the following week, lasting through June 2nd.

A few things of note: you can only reserve tables for up to four guests from 5 p.m. to midnight. Tables for up to eight guests are available after midnight, and no reservations can be made over the phone. Study your calendar and set an alarm for 8 a.m. on Monday—it's on.