To celebrate the beginning of apple harvesting season and the fine art of publicity stunts, the food delivery service Good Eggs is clothes-pinning thousands of apples onto trees in Brooklyn today, free for your consumption. Today until 3 p.m., at the Pearl Street Plaza underneath the Manhattan Bridge, city folk can choose from a selection of gala and honeycrisp apples to accompany their lunches. Also part of Good Egg’s crunchy celebration is a pound of free apples with any order you place with them over $30.

Good Eggs, a food delivery service focused on growing and sustaining local farms in upstate New York, was originally founded two years ago in San Francisco. Farmer Josh Morgenthau then brought it to Brooklyn by selling produce from his family’s farm in Fishkill, NY, about 90 miles outside the city. Currently, Good Eggs delivers fresh produce and various food products every day of the week in all neighborhoods of Brooklyn, with plans to expand to Manhattan and Queens this year.

The company has expanded from a single producer to well over 150 farms upstate. "Growing and sustaining systems is a huge part of our goal," Morgenthau explained. "We help small and mid-sized producers grow business and help them succeed, which ripples through and helps the entire area grow economically." Not all their farms are certified organic, but Morgenthau stressed the importance of making environmentally friendly food affordable for those living in the city.

If you don't make it to Dumbo today, free apples will also be available in baskets at 25 different locations around Brooklyn through Sunday.