A new study brings hope to emotional eaters everywhere by proving that crying into a vat of Rocky Road actually does make you feel better. Research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation shows that eating food with saturated fat may help fend off negative emotions.

The study took 12 participants and "fed" them through an unmarked stomach tube a "meal" containing either saturated fatty acids or a simple saline solution. Then scientists played sad music and showed sad pictures of sad faces. Lo and behold, the participants full of fat were more upbeat, and MRI scans showed the fatty solution seemed to dampen activity in parts of the brain that are involved in sadness. Researchers say that the results "suggest that emotional eating operates on a biological as well as psychological level," which is finally the justification we so desperately need for plowing through a box of Little Debbies post-breakup.

Previously, science also proved that fatty foods will get you stoned and craving more fatty foods, and that we are hopeless to fight against it. Three's a trend, people!