Black and white cookies with a side of…mouse droppings? That's the situation in Yorkville after longtime bakery Glaser's Bake Shop was shuttered Friday afternoon following a surprise visit from the Department of Health. The Post originally reported that failure to wear gloves and hairnets summoned the DOH, but a followup visit found the presence of vermin, prompting the closure. The DoH Inspection site confirms "evidence of mice or live mice present" and "inadequate personal cleanliness" contributed to the bakery's 58 violation points.

One of the remaining vestiges of Germantown on the Upper East Side, Glaser's has been baking up cookies and cakes on 1st avenue for over a hundred years. The closing comes as a shock to neighborhood folk who routinely buy the bakery's confections, including Jody Wurzel, who tells the Post that in 15 years of patronage, she's "never gotten sick." Owners Tim and Herb Glaser are equally shocked, noting that the shop has received an "A" grade on its last three inspections but that the most recent inspector "was a tough one." “It’s Manhattan and it’s a 100-year-old building. You’re going to find mouse droppings," Herb Glaser lamented to the Daily News. "You have to be reasonable."

With holiday cookie and cake orders bringing in lots of dough this time of year, the closure takes a serious bite out of the bakery's profits. The crew has been making repairs and cleaning the store all weekend and Glaser plans to meet with city officials today to get permission to reopen. Hopefully they'll be successful and if they are, just try not to think about all those calories.