Another day, another Chris Brown/Drake showdown-related lawsuit. Brooklyn construction worker Howard Clement, 30, is suing SoHo nightclub WiP after getting hit in the back of his head when the rappers' used the club as a bloody broken bottle battleground in June.

Clement, 30, says he blacked out after being struck, had two seizures and received five stitches, and claims is still unable to work due to painful migraines and ongoing nerve damage. Clement's certainly not the only bottle-fight bystander who has taken legal action against WiP—NBA star Tony Parker has sued the club for $20 million over a scratched retina, and male model Romain Julien sued the club over a slashed hand. But if you're concerned all these lawsuits will force WiP to pack in the velvet ropes for good, there's hope yet, since the club is suing Brown and Drake for $16 million for starting the brawl in the first place.

So who will be next to enter this seemingly never-ending legal rollercoaster? Will Brown sue Drake? Will Drake sue Brown? Where's Rihanna's lawsuit? Only time can tell...but if we were forced to anoint the overall winner of this battle, our money's on the lawyers.