Looks like Starbucks has a sense of humor too? In response to actual requests for more sizes, Starbucks unveiled their "new" Plenta and Micra sizes to go with Tall, Grande and Venti. The Micra actually makes sense as an espresso cup, holding just 2 oz of coffee, while the Plenta delivers enough coffee to make a consumer go into cardiac arrest in record time at 128 oz (we don't even want to think about the calorie count). Other suggested uses for a Plenta cup include rain hat, planter or yoga block.

However, not everyone seems to be in on the April Fool's joke. One commenter on Starbucks' website opined, "I LOVE the idea of a cup size larger than a Venti, but 128oz, seriously!!! I think that is waaaaay too excessive. Me as the consumer is not going to jump from 24oz to 128oz, the human stomach should not even be able to hold that much. I would want maybe a 32oz size drink, this would be a great, and I think highly popular size option." Maybe next year.