The January Cronut™ (Courtesy of Dominique Ansel)

We leave 2013, the Year of the Cronut™, with an announcement that assures us that in 2014 there will still be Cronuts. Dominque Ansel, who turned the pastry world upside down this year with his croissant-doughnut hybrid, has just posted a photo of the upcoming January Cronut, which will feature a Peanut Butter Rum Caramel flavor palate.

Surely we aren't the only ones with a confusing relationship with peanut butter ("we love it we hate it we love it we hate it we wouldn't wait on line for it!), and with peanut butter allergies and all, and with January being a month that people like to get back in shape, and weather... what we're saying is we may be looking at the shortest Cronut lines in history next month.

To help with sales, we recommend Ansel and his team recreate this vintage Reese's ad. "Hey, you got peanut butter in my Cronut! You got Cronut in my peanut butter!"