Although Bon Appétit mentioned that food blogs were hot, we didn't get named specifically (a special shout out to NY-based Slice and The Food Section, though -- congrats, gentlemen!). But we're feeling hot anyway. Both New York magazine and Bon Appétit listed some of the hottest food trends, and Gothamist Food is right there with 'em, on the cutting edge.

New York magazine highlights the city's love of pork, as Gothamist Food readers provide extensive commentary on the whole pig/pork/animal-to-food thing. They also discuss the rise of artisanal pizza. We've hit up one of the newest additions to the craze, matching it up head to head with an old standby.

Bon Appétit chimes in with what's hot, what's not, and what's next. So, what's their hottest dish of the year? Butter Poached Lobster. One of the next hot ingredients? Pomegranate. Hot cuisine? Pan-Asian. And what's next? Well, we're already on it: crudo, cream puffs, and La Caja China. See -- we're all over it. And while we're tooting our own horn, you can vote for Gothamist Food, along with your other favorite food blogs, in the 2004 Food Blog Awards, coordinated by the Accidental Hedonist.

What do you see as the hot food trends coming in 2005? The fall of cupcakes? Even more barbecue? The rise of the taqueria (we're keeping our fingers crossed on that one)? Let us know what you think.