There are very few things we love as much as AMC's Breaking Bad—from Hank's mineral collecting to Walt Jr's breakfast addiction to Hector Salamanca's dingdingdingding. Finally, someone had to good sense to transfer the meticulous craftsmanship of Walter White's blue meth into an equally addictive, but far less dangerous, form: "Heisenberry" ice cream. We know how Tuco feels about this:

Brooklyn ice cream parlor Ample Hills Creamery is now offering the flavor this weekend, promising it is "99% pure." Earlier this month, someone inadvertently predicted the flavor on Twitter during a #BreakingBadIceCream game.

You can learn more about the Prospect Heights shop here—it's unclear whether they are planning to continue selling the flavor in the future, but we certainly hope so. After all, they are the one who gives brain freezes.